Restaurant Management System

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About nuMenu

nuMenu is a system designed for restaurants to be used as a replacement of paper menus as well as an Order Management System.

Using nuMenu in your restaurant or café will help you:

  • Manage your menu: Categories & items
  • Manage your daily and special offers
  • Manage your waiters: Add/Remove personnel
  • Manage your clients’ orders made through nuMenu

Just give an iPad with nuMenu installed to your clients and let them choose from the menu items, make orders themselves, and add comments to the whole order, or to each position separately.

With the Demo account you can test:

  • Navigation through categories and items
  • Cart management, adding and removing order positions
  • Bilingual support

What's inside?

Menu Management

Easily add and delete categories and items inside categories.

Special offers

Feature the meal of the day with one tick in dashboard.

Paperless Bills

Provide receiprts to your clients without wasting paper.

Multiple menus

If your guest came with friends give each of them a menu and easily gather orders from the table.

Clients' Feedback

You clients can fill in quick questionnaire right in the app. Stay informed about what your guests think!

Bilingual support

Everything for your guests comfort. App supports English and Arabic languages.

Do you want nuMenu in your restaurant?

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Try nuMenu

Try administator dashboard functionality using credentials
demo : demo


Please note that installing the app will ONLY give you access to a Demo account and WON’T allow to make real orders.
Please contact us if you wish to deploy your restaurant or see the list of restaurants currently using nuMenu.